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Shattering Illusions:
Essays from Genii: The Conjuror's Magazine

From June of 1993 through May of 1994, I contributed a series of 12 essays to Genii Magazine, entitled Shattering Illusions. This series will be included in a new hardcover collection of more than 20 essays to be published in the fall of 2002 by Hermetic Press. The original debut essay can be read here:

Lessons and Learning

The Shattering Illusions series concluded with an essay entitled "Lessons and Learning," part of a lengthy feature section tied to my having been featured on the cover (my second, the first being September of 1987). This essay and feature section of approximately 18 pages addressed my approach to the teaching of magic to private students, and the coaching and direction of magicians, specialties which I have actively engaged in since 1985. It included, among other items, an assortment of original scripts created by some of my students, and a dialogue between myself and another dedicated teacher of magic, Eugene Burger. This entire section is now provided here on the magician side of the web site as a service to all those who might consider taking up the study of magic, be it on their own or with the assistance of a private instructor or director, no matter who that instructor might be. I hope you find it of interest, and invite your comments via email.

Jamy's Genii Archive

Complete chronology of my columns in Genii, including the "Light from the Lamp" book reviews.

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