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Learning: Lectures, intensive seminars, private lessons and consulting for magicians

Silvan Magic Academy

"Beast of the East" Lecture

Super Session (Intensive Seminar)

Private Lessons and Consulting

  • directorial services
  • coaching in sleight-of-hand technique
  • writing
  • magic design for amateur and professional magicians

    Lessons and Learning
    An extended essay series describing my approach to teaching.

    Broken Hearts / Satisfied Customers
    Chris Ragaisis (after two years of study): "Jamy has developed a logical, pedagogical approach to the teaching of magic. Sure, you learn sleights, and effects that use them, but there is so much more." (more)

    Howard Rappaport (after a single consultation): "Jamy Ian Swiss kicked my ass." (more)

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Coming Soon: tricks to master

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